Recovery First

We provide high-quality sober living facilities and we use a hands-on approach in order to create a safe and supportive structured sober living environment. We maximize the ability to maintain sobriety of our clients by integrating recovery coaches for each one of our residents. Destination Recovery and its co-owner Joseph D’Andrea have been able to set a new standard in terms of a true commitment to the recovery community as a whole. Whenever assistance is needed within the recovery community, Joe strives to help in anyway possible for each and every resident. Destination Recovery always put the needs of their clients first no matter above all else. We put the success of our residents before everything we do.

“I have found that the process of discovering who I really am begins with knowing who I really don’t want to be.”

Alcoholics Anonymous

The Destination Recovery staff accomplishes their recovery-focused mission through individualized client support. Residents at Destination Recovery are required to follow strict rules and guidelines. While living at Destination Recovery, residents are required to follow all rules and regulations.

These rules and regulations include a resident probation period, attending 12 step meetings, completing rotating chores and following a strict curfew. These rules are designed to help residents break past negative patterns. This structure allows each resident to improve their quality of life by working with their recovery coach and/or sponsor on a weekly basis. By doing so, each resident pushes them towards creating a better new way of life!